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Well its been a while since I last wrote. This blog might  have stayed empty but it hasn’t been forgotten. Its just that life flows and there isn’t always time for everything (even if I would love to have time for everything).  Today I write because I’m seeking a new adventure: to participate in a local nature-themed photo festival. I’ve been going on photo walks for a while now, not regularly but from time to time, and I always felt its too bad to keep my photos to myself. I’m not a professional though, far from it, and seeing the photographers chosen last year for this festival, I don’t know if I’ll make it on the list. But since they are seeking both professional and amateur photographers, I can at least try.

p1080130 (1)


So I’ve been looking through my photos, making adjustments to light, shadow, color, and trying to think of a common theme. And I realized that what fascinates me in my nature walks is the yin and yang relationship between fragility and strength. Those blades of grass might seem fragile as they sway from the gentlest breeze,  and yet there is no stronger plant on earth as grass is universal. On the opposite spectrum, an ancient tree might seem strong, but slight pressure from my fingers will chip away at its bark. And this principle can be found everywhere:  dead leaves piled upon each other can ever so slightly change the flow of the creek, or rocks polished by water over time, broken snail shells that protected its host so well from predators and weather conditions, soft hairs on plants gentle to the touch and strong against parasites.

p1070812 (2)-modifié@Yeva

Without further ado then, here are some of the photos I plan on submitting. If by chance you  happen to stumble upon this entry that I now send into the anonymity of the world wide web, don’t hesitate to let me know which photos you prefer (if any).

Photo 1 – Snail Shell / Photo 2 – Stone in Water / Photo 3 – The Sky / Photo 4 – Grass / Photo 5 – Bark / Photo 6 – Fern / Photo 7 – Roots / Photo 8 – Little beans

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