Photo & Essay #5 – Fairy Land

P1070280 (2)

The holidays are finally over and we have taken up local traveling once again. Our day trips have become even more exciting than before, as we are new to this region and are eager to discover all the hidden gems it has to offer. A few days ago we went to a neighboring village called Saint-Germain-de-Calberte. As with most villages around here, its wintertime empty streets seemed to be frozen in time, though it was not completely clear what period of time got frozen. Once the feudal lords of Anduze decided to build a castle in the area, houses and churches started slowly evolving on top of each other and next to each other, fusing organically over centuries.


As we explored the village, my daughter and I separated ways with my husband and my son, and we found ourselves on a narrow alley leading to a staircase that lead to communal gardens and into the forest. The staircase was surrounded by gnomes, mushrooms and birds  carved out of wood or shaped out of metal as well as flowers that were somehow still in bloom.

My daughter, who had incidentally brought along her fairy wand, put her little finger to her lips and whispered “Shhhh mama, we’re in fairy land now “. We quietly climbed the staircase, making sure to be as silent as possible and not disturb any local fairies. Once we passed the gardens, we found ourselves with a breath-taking view. Even my daughter gasped in surprise and whispered “Mama, its beautiful!”. The heavy clouds majestically floated between the wet hills, their underbellies slightly colored pink by the last rays of the setting sun. I tried taking pictures, but they do no justice to the view.

We stayed there for a bit, me – admiring the view, my daughter – whispering something in toddler language to hidden fairies. Unfortunately the sun was quickly setting and it was getting dark. So we waved good bye to our invisible friends and went to find our boys, who were also admiring the sunset but from an official view point rather than the magical fairy land.

P1070286 (2)


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